Our baking products include Tutti Frutti, Vanilla powder, Custard Powder, and Coconut Flakes. Our products are obtained from quality dealers who provide premium quality products. Our products are known for their perfect taste and quality.

Icing Sugar

Icing Sugar, also known as confectioner’s sugar, is very fine powdered sugar. It is used in decorative icings, frostings, glazes, sauces, as well as in fruit juices, milk shakes, and candies.

Tutti Fruitti

Tutti Frutti is our luscious supreme quality dessert confectionery with a variety of natural fruit flavours. Our tutti frutti dessert is prepared from combinations of varied flavours.

Starch ( Maize/Tapioca )

Starch is a phenomenal baking ingredient in the market. Our starch is tested with quality and value. It is used as a thickening agent and is widely used by bakers in bakeshops.

Vanilla Powder

Our pure unadulterated fresh vanilla powder is made from rich and dried vanilla beans. It has rich vanilla flavours and is made of 100% vanilla beans.

Custard Powder

Our custard powder is made up of adequate flavours that are used for your baking purposes. It is also used as a flavouring agent for your recipes.

Coconut Flakes

Coconut Flakes or Shredded Coconut are used for baking desserts, pastries, savouries, etc., Our shredded coconuts are traditionally made out of grated, boiled coconut meat and are then cut into substantial flakes, then dried.