Coir Fibre

Product Description:

Coir fibre is the major product that is extracted from the coconut husk. Coir fibre have a variety of applications and they are available in blocks and bales as well. The coir fibres are generally used in the production of ropes, mats and mattresses and geo textiles. The coir fibres that are extracted from the inner layer of the outer part of the coir husk are used in large scale production of the ropes, mattresses and brushes.

Product Specification:

Weight 100-125 kg/bale
Loadability 20 tons in 1×40′ container
Compression Ratio 5:1
Packaging(Optional) It is baled by using rust free iron hoops (or) plastic straps
Moisture upto 15%
Impurity upto 2-3% maximum
Colour White, Brown, Golden Brown
* All measurements are approximate and are liable to change
* Customized sizes & weights will be made as per clients requirement.

Coir Fibre Applications

  • Bedding :Coir Fibre can be used for different types of bedding /mattress.
  • Cushioning :It is used to Cushion Car Seats,Sofas and Living Room Furniture.
  • Filling material :Used as filling material for Coir Logs, Coir Fibre is also utilized for the protection of River Banks, Sediment Control, Capping Land Fills and Water Breaking.
  • Erosion Control :Coir Fiber can be used to produce Stitch Blankets-which are used to control Soil Erosion on Steep Slopes.
  • Filtering Material :Used for cleaning purposes, such as Water Filtering.
  • Acoustic and Thermal Barriers :Used to prevent Heat Transfer and for Sound-Proofing between rooms.