Corn Soya Blend

Corn Soya Blend (CSB) is declared as a ‘Super Cereal’ by World Food Program (WFP) because of its rich nutrition values.
CSB is a mixture of Corn & Soya along with a particular percentage of Vitamin Premix processed as per prescribed guidelines in a powder form.
Pre Cooked food that can be conveniently consumed in the form of porridge/gruel/balls/ along with the African staple foods.
Various international reports like CSA & ICF International report and also the USAID reports have mentioned about the usage of CSB in different occasions. These reports indicate that this product can be effectively used to fight malnutrition as well as during emergency relief operations like drought conditions etc

Specification of Corn Soya Blend

Ingredients Percentage
Corn (Maize) 78.30%
Soya 20%
Premix 1.70%

Method of Processing

Wet extrusion (or) Dry extrusion (or) Roasting process

Super Cereal

Corn Soya Blend shall be suitable for young children and adults after boiling at a simmering point for a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of ten minutes. In addition, we can also customize the nutrition contents as desired by adjusting the ingredients composition

Macro Nutrition Content in CSB

Tests Requirments Reference method
Moisture Max. 10.0% ISO 712
Protein Min. 14.0 g/100 g flour (N x 6.25) AOAC 981.10
Fat Min. 6.0 g/100 g flour AOAC 954.02
Crude fibre Max. 4.0 g/100 g flour AOAC 962.09
Total ash Max. 4.1 g/100 g flour ISO 2171:2007
Peroxide value Max. 10.0 meq/kg fat AOAC 965.33
Urease index Max. 0.20 pH units AOCS Ba 9-58 (1997)
Organoleptic quality (smell, taste, color) Pleasant smell and palatable taste, typical color. Sensorial inspection
Bostwick flow rate Min. 55mm/30s for 15% dry matter porridge. WFP’s SOP
Vitamin A 2770-4160 IU/100 g flour AOAC 992.04
Iron 9.4-14.1 mg/100 g flour AOAC 944.02
Calcium 340-510 mg/100 g flour AOAC 984.27
Potassium 580-870 mg/100 g flour AOAC 984.27
Aflatoxin (total) Max. 20 ppb (total of B1, B2, G1, G2) AOAC 972.26
Mesophilic aerobic bacteria <100,000 cfu/g flour ICC No 125
Coliforms <100 cfu/g flour AOAC 2005.03
Salmonella 0 cfu/25g flour AACC 42-25B
Escherichia Coli <10 cfu/g flour AOAC 991.14
Staphylococcus aureus <10 cfu/g flour AACC 42-30B
Bacillus Cereus <50 cfu/g flour AOAC 980.31
Yeasts and moulds <1,000 cfu/g flour ICC No 146