• Icing Sugar, also known as confectioner’s sugar, is very fine powdered sugar.
  • It is used in decorative icings, frostings, glazes, sauces, as well as in fruit juices, milk shakes, and candies.
  • It is often lightly dusted onto a baked good to add light sweetness and subtle decoration.
  • It is mixed with cornstarch to prevent caking, improve its flowing ability, and to keep it dry.

Specification of Icing Sugar

S.no Parameters Icing sugar Method   of Analysis
1 Moisture(%) 0.32 Hot air oven   Method
2 Acidity(%) 0.01 DGHS Method
3 Carbohydrate(%) 98.62 IS 1652:2006
4 Total sugar(%) 95.18 Phenol sulphuric acidMethod, Biochemical
5 Reducing sugars(%) 2.55 Nelson-Somogyi Method,   BiochemicalMethod
6 Crude fiber(%) 0.31 IS   12711:1989
7 Protein(%) 0 Kjeldhal Method
8 Calorific value(Kcal/100g) 401.23 DGHS Method
9 Purity 97% Sugar,3% Starch


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