Millet is a cereal grain that belongs to the Poaceae family, commonly known as the grass family. Most of millet crops are native of India and are popularly known as Nutri — cereals as they provide most of the nutrients required for normal functioning of human body. Millet has gained popularity in the world because it’s gluten-free and boasts high protein, fiber, and antioxidant contents.

Finger millet

Finger millet is important small millet grown in India. It is a staple food in many hilly regions of the country.It is also good for persons suffering from diabetes.

Kodo millet

Kodo millet is a highly drought resistance crop. It is the coarsest of all food grains. It is estimated to have been domesticated in India 3000 years ago.

Foxtail millet

Foxtail millets generally known as a rainfed crop in India. It has an erect leafy stem that grow 60-75 cm tall and bend quite a bit at maturity due to heavy weight of earhead.

Little millet

Little Millet (Panicummiliare), one of the small millets. The grain is round and smooth, 1.8 to 1.9 mm long. It is wonderful millet which is suitable for people of all age groups.

Barnyard millet

Barnyard millet is another food crop domesticated in India and grown for both grain and fodder purposes. Barnyard millet is grown in the hilly areas of India.

Pearl millet

Pearl Millet is one of the oldest cultivated crops since pre-historic times. It is a cereal crop grown at a very large scale in India.The niacin content in pearl millet is higher than all other cereals.

Porso millet

Proso millet probably originated in India. It spread from India to other cheena growing parts of the world. The crop is able to evade drought by its quick maturity.