About Us

MD & CEO's Message

RGPL, is a reputed export house having diversified business into areas of Agro (agricultural commodities like Rice, Pulses, Eggs, Millets, Spices, etc) Packed Foods (Spice Powders, Ready to Eat a range of foods) Horticultural (Coco peat & Coir) and Textiles (Terry Towels), Bakery Products and Fruit Pulp & concentrate across the globe. With a determined business structure, we aim at serving the global market with quality products and innovative practices.

We believe in our customers and we always look forward to maintaining a long-term relationship and being part of their growth. As an organization, we are committed to achieving our vision by excelling in every aspect of our business activities. We constantly increase our business by increasing our customer base by offering best-in-class service and by increasing our range of products.

We deliver quality products consistently with a team of an efficient workforce and are accessible for any assistance, at any point in time. Please visit our product ranges and we will be pleased to receive your inquiries and feedback.


Agricultural farming is the practice of cultivating crops and raising livestock for food, fiber, and other products.

Quality Control

The crops are inspected for quality and any issues found are resolved before the next step.


The crops are then packaged according to the specifications of the customer for safe and secure transport.

Final Inspection

A final inspection is done to ensure that all the requirements are followed and the quality of the crops is up to the mark.


The packaged crops are then loaded on the vehicles or ships for transport to the customer’s destination.


The customer is informed about the shipment and is provided with detailed information about the shipment.