Finger millet

Finger Millet

Finger millet is important small millet grown in India. It is a staple food in many hilly regions of the country. Grains are rich in minerals and are the richest source of calcium used in many preparations like cakes, puddings, sweet etc. It is also good for persons suffering from diabetes.
Finger millet is the richest source of calcium (300-350 mg/100 g).
Finger millet proteins are unique because of the sulphur rich amino acid contents.
It has high antioxidant activity.
It contains lower levels of protein (6-8%) and fat (l.5-2%).
The grains have excellent malting properties and are widely known for its use as weaning foods.

Packing & Load Ability

New Jute Bags 25Kgs | 50Kgs
HDPE / P. P. Bags 25Kgs | 50Kgs
Custom Packing As per customer requirement
Container Load Ability 20 Feet FCL - 23 To 24 MTS