India is the largest producer of Chickpeas and approx 80-90% supply of Chickpeas to the world is from India.

In India the two varieties of Chickpeas are termed as Kabuli Chana and Desi chana.

Kabuli Chana/White Chickpeas appears Creamish and is larger in size than Desi Chana. Kabuli chana is generally sold by count & size in millimeters (7mm – 14mm)

Desi Chickpeas are brownish red in color and are smaller in size (around 4-8 MM) that range in colour from light tan and speckled to solid black.

In compare with Kabuli chickpeas, Desi chickpeas have a markedly higher fiber content and hence a very low glycemic index which may make them suitable for people with blood sugar problems.

Packing & Load Ability

New Jute Bags 25Kgs | 50Kgs
HDPE / P. P. Bags 25Kgs | 50Kgs
Custom  Requirement As per customer requirement
Container Load Ability 3% max
Foreign Matter 20 Feet FCL - 23 To 24 MTS
40 Feet FCL -

Specifications of Urad Dhal

Properties Values
Size 4mm to 8mm
Broken,split,warm eaten 2%
Varietal Admixture 3% max
Foreign Matter 1%
Moisture 10%
Origin India
Caliber Count 40/42 42/44 44/46 58/60 75/80
Broken,split,warm eaten 2% 2% 2% 2% 2.5%
Absorbed,green,brown Seeds 1% 1% 1% 2% 2.5%
Foreign matter(by weight) 0.2% max 0.2% max 0.2% max 0.2% max 0.2% max
Moisture 12% max 12% max 12% max 12% max 12% max