Coconut Peat

Growing Media is also known as Soil Substitutes and our range of growing media includes organically and inorganically enriched media and bare media.

Coco Peat is an organic bare growing media. The growing medium is made out of coconut husk. The husk collected during fiber separation is cleaned, washed and compressed to make the media. The physical property of peat offers an excellent environment for growing plants.

Coir Peat Block (5kg)

We supply Coir Peat 5kg Blocks in two variants – washed and unwashed. Washing controls the EC of the product that is important for root and plant growth. The Coir Peat Blocks are easily breakable. These can hold more than 75 liter water per block
PH of the media is neutral that aids good absorption of nutrients. These have less fungal infections than soil, as well.

Customer Segment Applications of Coco peat

  • Green houses
  • Garden retail stores
  • Nursery and garden center professionals
  • Seedling nurseries
  • Lawn and golf courses
  • Horticulture growers and floriculture growers
  • Home gardening (indoor and outdoor)
  • Landscaping and Turf companies

Coco Peat Specification

Unit weight 5 Kg
Block dimension 30x30x10 cm
Compression ratio 5:1
Moisture 10-15%
Volume (uncompressed) 75 liters
pH 5.8-6.8
EC washed Less than0.3 ms/cm

Coco peat Manufacturing Process

  • Coco peat collection – Coco peat is procured from coir fiber factories and is spread in large storage yards for washing.
  • Washing – Stored coco peat is constantly washed by heavy monsoon rains and also washed manually with fresh water to bring electrical conductivity to a desired level.
  • Screening – Washed peat is examined for its desired level of EC and pH. During the screening process, fiber chunks and other impurities are removed. Once material purity is verified by is Quality Control Officer the material is further sent for drying to reduce moisture level.
  • Drying – During this step, material is dried under the Sun in open sky on large cemented yard. Once the moisture of the material is reached at desired level, it is sent for second screening.
  • Second screening – During this process sand & other impurities are removed by using rotary seivers
  • Compaction and packing – The final clean coco peat material is compressed to 5 kg blocks and the final product is packed and palletized as per customer’s requirements.


1.Producers of growing media.
2.As a potting mix.
3.As a soil conditioner.
4.Seedling nurseries/seed raising substrate.
5.Golf constructors /sports field constructors.
6.Lawns, nurseries & landscaping.


1, ColourWhite(Golden Brown) and BrownSize48 x 30 x 18 inchFiber Length6 cm to 20 cm / 60 mm to 200 mm / 2 ½” to 8″Moisture< 15% (Max 15%)Impurities< 3% (Max 3%)

2. Packing & Shipping PackingHydraulically Compressed & Tightly Strapped BaleBale Weight100 Kg – 125 Kg/BaleContainer Loadability180 – 200 Bales/40 ft. HQ Container (Approximately 20MT)

Package Options

  • Clear shrink wrap (single block)
  • pallet packing(Clear shrink wrap for whole pallet)
  • nacked block
  • Naked block (Floor loading)
  • Naked block (Floor loading)

Packing / Loadability

Package option Total blocks Container capacity No. of. Pallets Loadability
Floor loading (Bulk) 5200 Blocks 1 x 40 high cube container NA 26 MT
Palletized 4800 Blocks 1 x 40 high cube container 22 Pallets 24 MT
4’s Bundle Packing 4800 1 x 40 high cube container 22 Pallets 24 MT