Porso Millet

Proso millet probably originated in India. It spread from India to other cheena growing parts of the world. It might have originated for Panicumpsilopodium which is found in its wild state in Burma, India and Malaysia. The crop is able to evade drought by its quick maturity.

It contains the highest amount of proteins (12.5%).

Health benefits of proso millet come from its unique properties. It has significant amounts of carbohydrate and fatty acids.

It contains high amounts of calcium which is essential for bone growth and maintenance.

It reduces cholesterol levels and also reduce the risk of heart diseases.

It is cheaper source of manganese as compared to other conventional sources like spices and nuts.

Packing & Load Ability

New Jute Bags 25Kgs | 50Kgs
HDPE / P. P. Bags 25Kgs | 50Kgs
Custom Packing As per customer requirement
Container Load Ability 20 Feet FCL – 23 To 24 MTS

Custom packaging can be provided on customer request or in special conditions.