Our Raw Spices including Dry Red Chilli, Cardamom, Star Anise, Turmeric Finger, Cloves, and Nutmeg are obtained as an authentic flavouring agent for any of your cuisine preparations. They are known for inducing incredible flavours in your favourite recipes.

Dry Red Chilli

Dry Red Chilli is used in the preparations of a wide range of cuisines. Our traditional dry red chilli is manufactured by qualified vendors.

Cinnamon Splited

The split cinnamon is used to enhance the taste of the various cuisines. Our exclusive split cinnamon variety is authentic and rich in quality and aroma.

Turmeric Finger

We obtain turmeric fingers from certified sellers who pack them through natural processes. Our branded turmeric fingers are highly valued and high quality based varieties.


Our exclusive Green Cardamoms are grown and processed under hygienic conditions by our expert vendors. Our cardamoms are packed in the best quality rated packaging to make sure that it is fresh and ready to use.

Star Anise

Star Anise is widely used for the preparation of authentic foods in Tamil Nadu. They are extensively used in every north and south Indian cuisines.


Cloves are the essential agent/spice of Indian cuisine. It spices ups the flavours in the food with rich aroma and taste. We acquire cloves from certified quality vendors, as they plant and process them authentically and hygienically.


Our fenugreek is rich in quality and provides you with health benefits.

Fennel (Green Colour)

Our green fennel seeds are rich in taste and flavour. Our authentic fennel seeds are naturally manufactured by our quality vendors.


Our cumin seed variety is rich in flavour and quality. It is used in a wide range of cuisines and has immense health benefits.

Bay Leaves

Our Bay Leaves are bought from qualified vendors and it is planted naturally, hand-picked, and dried with utmost perfection. Our bay leaves are rich in aroma and quality.


Nutmeg is one of the most important spices that is widely used in all the countries as a flavouring agent. We obtain them from established vendors who plant and process them under hygienic conditions.